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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Simple steps to understand ICT

Many teachers are bombarded with information on 'the next best thing' as far as elearning services are concerned as there is such fierce competition in this sector. This can create much confusion about which technologies will best represent the schools vision for the future, as well as their current needs. Many teachers need to think about the basics of what they would like to buy into rather than seeing a 'knockout demo', signing up, and thinking about implementation afterwards. Only with clear planning can effective elearning implementation be achieved.

I have found a good article covering the basics of elearning technologies and jargon, which is a must read for teachers who are a little confused about the basics....let alone which VLE, ISP, ICT, ABC to use! Please link to this piece written by Alan Day from Kent County Council
http://www.clusterweb.org.uk/docs/LPAdvGuid_260506.pdf as it is a valuable first step to understanding educational ICT.


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