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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

DOPA, social networks and how to keep young people safe online.

I have found an interesting post relating to the U.S. Government's drive to block access to social networking websites and chat rooms. The DOPA (Deletion of Online Predators Act) serves to effectively block communications in public internet locations such as libraries.

I would argue that such places are of vital importance to individuals who cannot otherwise gain access to the internet. Therefore, to outlaw valuable social networking tools merely serves to reduce the effectiveness of publicly funded technology as a vital communicative device. Rather than blocking access, front end users should be educated in sensible usage and advised of the 'do's and do not's' of Instant Messaging or Online chat services. I can understand the other side of the arguement in terms of online safety, but it is surely the responsibility of the web service to provide a level of security for its users. This Big Brother-esqe protection is not an effective long term solution.

The benefits which can be derived from online communication can far outweigh any negative connotations by providing both educators and students with a managable tool with which to disseminate best practice and share ideas effectively. This must help to raise standards and aid the creation of valuable online teacing and learning networks.

"DOPA is intended to protect minors from online predation but AoC NILTA, the independent voice of the post-16 sector in ICT and e-learning, says that it is a ‘step backwards in social and education terms’ and will not work." For a bitesize article relating to this visit this link or for the full AoC NILTA article visit http://aocnilta.co.uk/2006/08/03/dopa/

Where will this control end?


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