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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blended Learning in the 'New World'

In my opinion, schooling needs a major turnaround if it is to keep pace with today's young and curious students of the world. Along with technological advance, comes a change in learning styles, skills and communication.

Learners in today's world are able to learn through personalised advance rather than a 'one size fits all' approach offered by traditional schooling. 'Blended learning' is now an essential mechanism for reaching every individual in the class. This will make it far easier for students to reach their potential by adopting a learning style to suit them.

There is a stark contrast between 'Old World' (OW) and 'New World' (NW) learning, both in terms of the media used to teach, and from the more intrinsic personal way that people relate to these media. These can be seen on so many levels. For eg. OW single task activities are being replaced by NW multi-tasking, OW individual learning tasks are being replaced by NW community learning, OW produce and consume learning are being replaced by NW search and retrieve learning. For a great piece relating to this topic, please visit the following link:-
-Link to article

These are arguably the learning modes of the future, but they are already a part of modern consumer activities used by both children as well as adults and can therefore be classified as 'life skills'. Elearning is an ideal bridge between these apparently distict entities. Whilst it is important to remember that traditional schooling can still play a significant part in education, these new learning styles must be considered if schooling is to remain relevant and motivational for our NW students.


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