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Friday, May 19, 2006


The Government continue to put ICT at the head of educational reforms as part of a strategy spanning three terms in office. For all of the bad press that the Labour Government receive, their financial backing in these areas has been outstanding. Many schools now have the hardware to successfully integrate ICT into teaching and learning, which in turn has spawned a proliferation of content specific e-services.

The next step must be to create a coherent leadership strategy, to ensure that high level planning is effective. This is a vital 'cog in the machine' to make sure that investment to date will not go to waste. This process however, will by no means be complete with the implementation of this strategy. The rate of technological advance dictates that leaders will constantly have to review and improve these processes to ensure a parallel level of fluidity.

Michael Stevenson (Director of Technology at DfES) has in fact commented ‘equipping leaders to understand how important technology is in working out how to run the organisation they are responsible for, make it more efficient, more effective and above all, a better setting for teaching and learning.’


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