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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Taecanet Springboard - "A Wonderful Learning Facility"

T-Learning are very pleased to welcome Carsic Primary School in Nottinghamshire into our teaching and learning community. Although the school have only subscribed recently, they already seem to be reaping the benefits of Taecanet Springboard to help promote personalised learning across the curriculum.

Teacher, Neil Pacheco, commented;

"Thanks for all you have done for our children to enable the whole school to access this wonderful learning facility. I have shown the site to our technician who provides IT support for other schools in Nottingham and he was very impressed and will no doubt pass this on to the other schools".

Many thanks to Neil and his team for their continued support and for implementing their training so quickly. Carsic Primary have raced up to the top of our user stats, becoming T-Learning's 'School Of The Month' for September!

More information on Taecanet Springboard can be found at
www.taecanet.com and any email enquiries can be directed to support@taecanet.com

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

T-Learning Annual School Survey 2010 - Results!

So, the results of T-Learning's annual survey have come in! All schools within our community have been given the opportunity to complete our survey so that we can learn more about trends in usage as well as potential ideas for development.

We received inputs across Primary & Secondary Schools as well as Hospital based education centres who all use Taecanet Springboard to deliver personalised learning resources to pupils from home as well as in school.

A few of the outcomes are noted below, which have been submitted by teachers:

71% of pupils enjoy using Taecanet Springboard.

100% of Primary School teachers agree that Taecanet Springboard has a positive effect on pupil attainment.

64% of teachers think that it is easy to allocate work using Taecanet Springboard and to monitor student progress.

In addition to a number of other uses, 93% of teachers use Taecanet Springboard to deliver homework.

All of these outcomes are very positive and reinforce what we have heard over the years in terms of pupils enjoying and benefiting from the resources. Ease of use for teachers is also at the heart of what we do, which appears to be recognised in this survery which is also encouraging.

What is a little surprising is the significant number of teachers who use Taecanet Springboard to deliver homework.......a staggering 93%. We have heard from teachers that using the service in this way really helps to tidy up and simplify the whole homework process. No more pleas of 'Sorry Miss, the dog ate my homework!' By virtue of the fact that all of the resources have already been created by other teachers, work can be allocated in seconds, and all of the marking is done automatically makes this online tool very homework friendly. In addition, with access to technology (including broadband) becoming more pervasive, it seems this is a real opportunity for schools to work more efficiently by delivering homework online, which will engage students and help to improve attainment.

Many thanks to all of the teachers who took part in the survey. If you would like any more information on the Taecanet Springboard services, please contact chris.davison@t-learning.net or call 0871 288 4580.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Boost PE Theory Results With Taecanet Springboard For PE!

Schools and Sports Colleges are being encouraged to use the Taecanet Springboard for PE 'Revision Packs' to help students revise for GCSE exams in the coming weeks. This makes allocating work a much easier process for teachers by enabling them to allocate all GCSE PE Units at one time. This means that 13 Units of work (encompassing over 200 learning activities) can be released for a class of pupils in roughly 20 seconds. Efficient working indeed! As all of the work has already been created by teachers in Sports Colleges, this process couldn't be easier.

To add to this, all marking takes place automatically saving teachers even more time. Real-time reports on class & pupil progress helps teachers to pin-point areas of weakness, which can help planning and teaching.

A function which can make work even more time efficient for students is the 'Revision Mode' offered by Taecanet Springboard. This allows students to access a variety of assessment questions related to a particular topic of work (or all Units in the case of the Revision Packs). Students can answer all questions, which should take between 5-10 mins. Once the test has been completed, the student will receive an accurate score and percentage, which is automatically fed back to the teacher online. For any questions the pupils get wrong, they are looped back to learn about the areas where questions have been answered incorrectly. This means that the system can effectively 'gap fill' for every pupil in the class. Pre-exams, this is a very useful capability for both teachers and students.

So far, the PE resources have proved a great success in schools. Please email chris.davison@t-learning.net for more information on special offers for low cost access before summer exams.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sports Colleges Conference 2010 - Summary

Today was the final day of the Sports Colleges Conference in Telford, which was a great success for all involved. Many thanks to Ian Cawley, and team, from Youth Sport Trust for his great support, and for putting on a good event. You can see our stand (730) pictured left.

T-Learning have been working with YST for a number of years now, and we were at the show to help spread the word about our collaborative project. We have worked together, along with four Specialist Sports Colleges, to produce interactive resources for GCSE & BTEC PE Theory. These are now being used on over 60 schools to help students engage with PE Theory in a new and innovative way, while improving standards both in delivery by teachers, and in attainment for students. By offering access to shared, community generated resources, it seems that all parties are benefiting. If you would like more info on the project, and would like to see the impact that Taecanet Springboard for PE has had on GCSE results, please follow this link http://www.taecanet.com/yst/conference.htm

We had a lot of interested parties visit the stand, and as revision is vital at this time of year, this was the focus of many discussions and demonstrations. Surprisingly, quite a few teachers wanted to explore the other resources we offer (such as Science, History, Geography, RE & Citizenship) as they were so engaged with the offering across PE.

Our community based PE learning network was also represented at one of the 'Sharing The Challenge' sessions where supporters; Tony Downey (Blessed Robert Sutton School), Mick Tizard (The Cavendish School) & Kirstie Hartwell (Charters School) were on-hand to describe the project to interested parties. These teachers have experience of the project, ranging from strategic organisation to building the actual content used within the network. All of these perspectives were valuable when informing teachers about the community and the impact it has had on PE Theory education so far.

Many thanks to everyone who was able to visit the stand. We hope to see you all again very soon and I would encourage any interested parties to contact chris.davison@t-learning.net

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bridgewater School See Benefits Of Mobile Project

Bridgewater School in Manchester (http://bridgewater.publishpath.com) are taking part in the mobile learning project, supported by T-Learning, 1000Heads & Nokia.

The School were recently trained on how best to use the devices by Nokia expert Phil Campbell and it seems the students are fully up to speed already, capturing valuable content for the project.

Science teacher, Chris Percival, commented;

"We are working on the learning journeys. We have videoed a great debate about nuclear power which was a whole lot of fun. We hope to plan a field trip too!"

It seems that mobile devices are very useful at capturing content in a number of different formats which can be used to enhance education. The real benefit will come when we have been able to share the resources with the other schools involved.

For more information on this project, please contact

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Sports College Conference, Telford 2010

T-Learning will be attending the YST Sports Colleges Conference 2010 at the International Centre, Telford on stand 730.

Here, we will be showcasing the output of the collaborative project between T-Learning, YST, and 4 Specialist Sports Colleges. Taecanet Springboard for PE is helping students to improve motivation and results in GCSE PE Theory by providing access to shared learning resources.

Following the roll out of the project in 2008/9, 80% of Sports Colleges who took part in the project reported improvements to their GCSE PE results.

More information on the project can be found at
http://www.taecanet.com/yst/index.php, and you can follow the link to the Conference 2010 information.

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Furze Platt School - Mobile Revolution Continues

We have been working with Furze Platt School in Maidenhead (www.furzeplatt.com), as part of a mobile learning project. By enabling students to use Nokia devices to create and share valuable learning resources, we hope it will engage and motivate students, as well as producing some great content that others can use to help with their teaching and learning.

Furze Platt Science teacher, Jill Heales, had this to say about the familiarisation session with Nokia expert Jay Montano, as well as the project in general;

"The session with Jay motivated the pupils, and gave them a good idea of what they need to do to capture and upload content. The project is going great but the only thing holding back our progress is a lack of time to meet regularly and agree how to move forward, as school life is so busy. That being said, all of the students are really enjoying what they are doing".

We are really pleased that everything is going well, and we really look forward to seeing what intersting content the schools come up with later this month.

Jay Montano's blog can be found at
http://mynokiablog.com . For any further information on this project, please contact chris.davison@t-learning.net

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Independent Schools Begin Nokia Challenge

Both Bridgewater School (Salford) & Claires Court (Maidenhead) Schools have now been trained as part of the T-Learning Mobile Learning project. This means that three out of the four schools now have the capability to begin creating and sharing educational content.

These sessions took a familiar theme with representatives from T-Learning and 1000Heads hosting the session. However, the main part of the training saw Nokia experts train the pupils and staff on how to capture and share valuable resources.

At Claires Court, Steve Lichfield (pictured left) was the nominated expert, and he was able to show the pupils all they needed to get up and running. By using Vodafone as the network provider, access to Ovi Share worked seamlessly, and pupils were able to upload content during the session. Steve's blog can be found at

The Bridgewater session was run by Phil Campbell. Again, the group were taken through the major 'capture' functions of the phone, and how to upload to Ovi Share. Phil went into detail about the various applications, which can be used on the devices to further prepare the students and encourage innovation. Phil's blog can be found at
http://blog.me.dm and a specific post on the project can be found at http://blog.me.dm/nokia-loopback-bridgewater-school

It looks like all the fun work begins here for these schools! Thanks to Steve & Phil for their time and expertise.

Please contact chris.davison@t-learning.com for any further information on this project.

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