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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In-School Planning for ELearning Growth

I have no doubts as to the potential of elearning platforms as a time saving mechanism for teachers. The ablility to access personalised student information, administer work, or plan effectively at the click of a button, will enable teachers to free up valuable time. This time can then be spent on meeting individual student needs while at the same time meeting administrative requirements.

However, as a far reaching concept, I think we are some way from this being a reality within many schools. Teachers are currently bogged down with traditional planning, marking, and general admin which means that elearning solutions are often pushed down the order of crucial tasks. Very often, essential planning for the future is replaced by a 'what do I need to do for today' mentality. This means that although teachers may have completed their immediate obligations, when tomorrow arrives, they will face the same dilema. A vicious circle indeed.

In my opinion, teachers with a specialised role for planning the future growth of sectors such as elearning, should be given special dispensation to deal with such matters effectively, rather than having to juggle it with a deluge of other roles. This would mean that planning and research could be much more effective, resulting in a more cohesive strategy designed to get the best package for all teachers as well as students.

The sooner teachers with this huge responsibility are able to work effectively, the better. The elearning revolution is as much about teachers as it is students.


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