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Friday, July 21, 2006

Taecanet Proves Significant Learning Gains

As predicted, it has been a hectic end to the term with many schools pre-occupied with exams, admin duties and the summer holidays just around the corner, which has made it difficult to engage with schools. We have however, come across some success stories proving that we are on the right track.

Two schools thus far have fed back to us that they have seen significant learning gains in this year's SATS, which has largely been attributed to Taecanet's personalised teaching and learning resource. Claire Allen, Deputy Head at St Paul's CofE Primary School in Addlestone, Surrey, commented "There is no doubt that results have improved as a result of using Taecanet". Within our first year of live service to schools, we have been hopeful of such results, but until now we have not had the means to confirm these learning gains through consistent usage. This now appears to be changing as schools are reporting improved results following summer exams.

To further support Claire's comments, Holy Trinity Primary School in Cookham, Berkshire, have pinpointed some statistics which lead to the same conclusion. The Headteacher, Graeme Aldous expressed his joy that "Taecanet has helped my Science SATS results improve dramatically. We have been using Taecanet for only four months but it has helped us increase our Level Four achievements by 10 per cent from an expected 85 per cent to 93 per cent. Our Level Five improvement is even more marked, with an increase of over 40 per cent from an expected 55 per cent to an achieved 77.5 per cent."

This is excellent news for us, and for our community of schools. Hopefully I can add some more success stories in the coming weeks as more results are published!


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