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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The BBC dinosaur wakes up!

The beeb has finally realised that they need to adapt to the modern media era. Consumer practices are in transition and the most established broadcasting organisations need to change in order to survive.....especially those within the Public Sector. As it is paid for using the much maligned 'TV Licence', audiences are now looking for added value in this media savvy consumer market of today.

The 'personal media' revolution has rocked the established dinosaurs such as the beeb with more innovative institutions such as Sky offering hugely diverse and dynamic viewing packages. The Internet offers even more variety by way of 24/7 personalised access to a wealth of free content.

The same shift, I hope, will apply to other areas such as the BBC's provision of educational content. Again, as fee payers we are entitled to squeeze as much usage out of our licence fee as possible, and the BBC seem to recognise this and are keen to move away from the old media broadcasting methodology. The BBC Director General, Mark Thompson, comments "The BBC should no longer think of itself as a broadcaster of TV and radio and some new media on the side. We should aim to deliver public service content to our audiences in whatever media and on whatever device makes sense for them, whether they are at home or on the move."

For the full press release, click on the following link:-
Press Release Link

The previously creaky old organisation appears to be transforming in order to put the Licence payer in the driving seat. It's about time!


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