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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Social Networking and Second Life

On watching some late night television on Sunday night, I rather stumbled across a great TV show on BBC 1 called 'Click' relating to the web, and general internet news (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/default.stm). The focus of this particular programme was social networking and online communities. This sparked some interest for me as I see this aspect of the internet being especially poignant to todays' youth culture in many ways.

For the first time, personal media publishing is the norm, and no longer are the participants going to be considered 'geeks'. In fact, the proliferation of social networking sites such as 'My Space' have brought underground musicians into the public arena through these virtual social channels. Lilly Allen and The Arctic Monkeys are two such examples of just how powerful this type of social media can be. My feeling is that there has been such a dramatic shift in this area that the kids who are not involved in this virtual space will now be considered the 'geeks', if you will. Oh how the worm has turned!

Of course, the same communicative principles can apply to the educational market, where a meeting of minds and sharing of know-how can deliver a much stronger and efficient 'knowledge economy', where all users can be equal. One such platform on which this goal may ultimately be reached is on 'Second Life', a web based 3D world where you can create a virtual persona and interact with other members. This appears to be the ultimate virtual networking environment which may have profound implications on how we learn in the future. For more information on Second Life visit


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