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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

SSAT 2007 prize winner......

Many thanks to all those who were able to visit us at the 2007 SSAT Event in Birmingham. We had a lot of interest in Taecanet Springboard from schools all over the country from as far afield as Dorset to Leeds! The thing that sets the SSAT events apart from many others, is the quality of the delegates. I get the feeling that the teachers at SSAT have a genuine interest in finding solutions to their problems, and raising standards in their school, which must be applauded.

To that end, I think teachers can see that we are on the right lines by offering a content and assessment based 'knowledge share', in order to disseminate best practice and save teacher's time. The beauty of Taecanet is that it is teachers who generate the content for the service, and we merely use our expertise to harness and spread this knowledge to our 500 school subscribers.

Our Virtual Classroom facility uses the same philosophy by offering schools the chance to collaborate online, in real time. This is an excellent way of sharing expert teachers across networks of schools without the need for anyone to move physical locations. In terms of mentoring or specialist teachers collaborating with local clusters, this technology can be prolific.

We were also offering a free prize draw for every person who visited the stand, to offer a free Taecanet Springboard Licence for one year, starting today. I would like to congratulate Heathcote School (E4 6ES) in London as the winner! We met Barry Hersom, the Headteacher, who expressed an interest in our service, and the school can now benefit from the knowledge of 100's of teachers. This licence will provide you with coverage of KS1-KS3 History, Science, Geography, Religious Education and Citizenship, as well as any other subjects added over the next 12 months. Please call 0871 288 4580 in order claim your prize.

Many thanks to everyone that visited our stand, and welcome aboard to Heathcote School! If any other schools wish to book an on-site appointment with us, please call the number above or email chris.davison@taecanet.com

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