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Friday, March 06, 2009

Calling All 'ISA Affiliated' Independent Schools

This is a call to arms!

T-Learning are working with the Independent Schools Association (ISA) and a number of it's member schools to help create an Independent Schools learning community designed to share resources and distribute best practice. T-Learning are experts in the creation of community learning initiatives, with an existing state sector project involving hundreds of schools. Thus far six subjects have been created in this space at KS1-KS4 through teacher generated content, providing over 5,000 Learning Journeys for students or teachers to access immediately helping to save teachers time and to improve school standards.

We would encourage any ISA school to join this community as it will provide an invaluable resource to help teachers improve standards, and to deliver personalised learning to students.

To help teachers join in, there is an online social network which is live today! This is a free provision, currently available to all ISA members. For an invitation, please contact
ian.nairn@t-learning.net or James Wilding head@clairescourt.co.uk with your email address and school details.

James is the Principal of the Claires Court group (http://www.clairescourt.com/) and one of the founder members of the ISANet community. All new members will be given a warm welcome and have the opportunity to network immediately with existing members. Already, blogs, videos, photos and more are being shared. There are also different groups being created all the time, so ANY subject specialist should be able to find like minded colleagues to converse with.

Come on down!

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