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Friday, June 13, 2008

Collaborative Learning - Sharing Knowledge Through Teacher Networks

Some would say collaboration in education is the best way of efficiently sharing best practice in order to help raise standards. By sharing techniques and resources, schools can improve efficiency and the quality of output. This thinking underpins the Taecanet model, and with hundreds of teachers acting to collaborate, the rest of the teaching population can significantly benefit. After all, why should teachers continually re-invent the wheel?

We see ourselves as integral to the dissemination of this 'knowledge share' to which teachers, themselves, actively contribute. Teacher's expertise for teaching is matched by our expertise to build their input into educationally valuable digital objects, and distribute them online. In this way, easy access is achieved, and so far, millions of Learning Journeys have been completed. In many cases, results have also improved accordingly. To find out more about how Taecanet are helping schools, please visit

As a result of this successful collaboration between education and industry, Taecanet are now undertaking more specialist projects. A collaborative project is now underway involving Taecanet and the Youth Sports Trust. This project was initiated by Tony Downey, Headteacher at Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Sports College (http://www.robertsutton.staffs.sch.uk/), who saw Taecanet as a valuable partner to help facilitate shared knowledge across a number of schools. Mr Downey commented;

"I very much liked the process of collaboration between schools and industry, and I think Taecanet are undertaking work that I have not seen from anybody else".

"What I liked about the service, was how receptive I was as a learner. The user is invited to learn and improve, and then undertake assessment. The mixture of engagement and interactivity, which make up the learning process, is the closest thing that I have witnessed to a real life school scenario."

"I have been impressed with the output of materials so far, and I look forward to the finished product and it's release in the future".

Other schools, such as Charters School, Cavendish and Kingdown Schools have now joined forces in order to create KS4 G.C.S.E and BTEC P.E. modules, which will be distributed through the Taecanet Springboard service. There will be an Autumn Term trialling process involving 20 schools, before the results are presented to the Sports Colleges Conference 2008. A significant proportion of the work has been completed by the teachers involved, and Taecanet are delighted to be involved in this innovative and exciting project. Please click here for the full article from the Youth Sports Trust website.

If you would like any more information on this project, please visit http://www.taecanet.com/contact.htm and type 'P.E.' before entering your query. More general information on Taecanet's services can be found by visiting www.taecanet.com

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'Learning Within A Digital Community' - East Riding ICT Exhibition 2008

We are very much looking forward to attending the East Riding ICT Exhibition on the 19th June 2008, especially as it was such a success last year. The title of the event, 'Learning Within A Digital Community', fits in perfectly with our approach to elearning, as our national 'knowledge share' fits the bill exactly.

We will be able to show delegates just how easy it is to get involved with a live teacher network, and just how much they can benefit. By tapping into our online community of teachers, schools can save a huge amount of time and money in locating, and effectively using valuable teaching and learning content. We would welcome schools and LEAs looking to roll out their VLEs in the future to come and see us to find out how we can help.

This event will be taking place at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Willerby on the 19th June 2008. Please contact
chris.davison@taecanet.com if you wish to book a time to come and see us.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SEN thumbs up for Taecanet!

Over the years, we have gained much experience in the world of ICT in education. Taecanet Springboard has been successfully implemented in hundreds of schools, and we are now seeing an increased awareness and interest from centres outside of the 'mainstream schools' market. PRUs (Pupils Referral Units) and Home and Hospital Services still have a responsibility to provide valid educational experiences for students under their care. In some cases, the plan is to return these students to mainstream education in the future, and therefore, maintaining curriculum links is vital. Even if the students have been permanently excluded, their education provision should not suffer. In fact, it should be used as a focus to facilitate achievement and motivation.

We have recently received feedback from Rob Davies at The Summit Centre PRU in Wigan. The staff were recently trained in using the service, and the centre has seen a good take up of Taecanet Springboard to date. It seems that the students are really keen too! Rob commented;

"Its going really well. Sometimes we have a problem getting the young people off Taecanet to start normal lessons!". I hope the second sentence is somewhat tongue in cheek, as we don't want to partake in starting a student mutiny!

This is excellent news, and further proves that Taecanet Springboard can engage students from a diverse range of ability levels and educational extremities, ranging from high level achievers in traditional mainstream to SEN (Special Educational Needs). Along with effective teaching, ICT can unite and invigorate learners and in some ways, level the educational playing field. By providing flexible and motivational materials, teachers can decide what work to set, and how to deliver it, based on the individual needs of students. Inexpensive, shared valuable teaching resources will work to benefit everybody; not just the privileged few. This is where Taecanet's role is so vital.

For more information on how Taecanet Springboard can help SEN centres, including PRUs, please visit
http://www.taecanet.com/casestudies.htm where you can also read case studies from mainstream schools. To arrange a demonstration or for more information, please contact enquiries@taecanet.com

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