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Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Please Miss; can I have some more homework?"

Excuse me!? I know when I was at school, more homework was certainly not top of my priority list! But then again, students in 2006/7 have the opportunity to learn in so many different ways, rather than being taught in a 'one size fits all' learning environment of years gone by. As individual students differ greatly, so must teaching methods to help reach every pupil in the class.

When we started out with Taecanet, we hoped that we would see students engaging with their school work in a new and interesting way. Our initial trials suggested that we were on the right track, but until we could judge whether it had any effect on children's attainment levels, these trials and research were largely academic. Following on from a summer of SATs exams, a number of schools have reported significant levels of improvement to their predicted results due, in part, to using Taecanet.

Below, you can link to a case study from St Paul's CofE Primary School in Addlestone, Surrey. Claire Allen, Assistant Head, had been using Taecanet for four months as a revision exercise, and saw up to a huge 50% improvement to her predicted results. She commented;

"There was considerable overall improvements in our SATs results and also some exceptional results that were far beyond anything we could have expected.....It was projected that about 74% of Year 6 pupils would achieve a Level 4 in Science; the actual achievement was 91%". Claire went on to say that higher level results were also dramatically improved. "It was projected that about 26% of Year 6 pupils would also achieve a Level 5 in Science; the actual achievement was 52%. Taecanet also makes learning fun and I am sure this contributes to achievement"

These figures are quite staggering, and this is something that we hope to repeat all over the U.K. and abroad. To read how Claire and her pupils were able to exceed their expectations by using Taecanet, please link to
http://www.taecanet.com/Addelstone.htm to read the whole case study.


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